Hydrawise Irrigation Timers

When it comes to irrigation controllers, there are many options on the market to choose from and, unfortunately, the differences between the controllers and software can at times seem overwhelming. Wi-Fi controllers are the new standard for your business or home, so you should know which one is the better choice for your irrigation. 

Many customers have different needs and expectations but no matter, we usually recommend The Hydrawise Irrigation timer by Hunter. The standard Hydrawise Wi-Fi irrigation controller has been in the market for more than five years and features cutting-edge programming and functionality. 

There are four basic types of controllers: 

  • HC (6 or 12 Zone)
  • Pro-C Hydrawise (4 to 16 Zone Wi-Fi Controller)
  • Pro-HC (6, 12 or 24 Zone Wi-Fi Controller)
  • HCC (Metal Enclosure, 8 to 54 Zone Wi-Fi Controller)

The Hydrawise technology gives you the most complete, most powerful irrigation control solution on the market. With Hydrawise, you get absolute control over your yard which saves you time and money. With the app, you or your contractor can control your irrigation system from anywhere in the world. The software automatically adjusts your irrigation schedule using real-time, internet-sourced data based on your local weather patterns. You can even program it to automatically turn off if it’s forecast to rain. This means with a Hydrawise system, you can save up to 50% more water compared to a traditional irrigation controller. 

Some common features that comes with all the Hydrawise controllers are:

  • Wifi enable
  • Touchscreen
  • Intuitive interface

You can easily control your Hydrawise irrigation system with a simple app which you can download on your Apple or Android devices; or if you prefer your computer, you can log into a website portal that gives you easy access.  Get alerts such as the state of your piping system or monitor your water usage. Receive automatic alerts when a pipe is broken or leak has occurred before it becomes a problem.

To make your life easier, Hydrawise integrates with your existing smart home system technology such as Amazon’s Alexa. If you prefer, you can or delegate the ability to remotely monitor your system for the most comprehensive water management solution.

Hydrawise technology is compatible with a range of Hunter controllers depending on the needs of your home, or in many cases you can even retrofit your existing controller. There is no better time to modernize your home’s irrigation system, and there is no better solution to monitor and protect your landscape than the Hydrawise system. If you have any questions about irrigation please don’t hesitate to contact us.