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The Spring start-up service is the process of setting up your irrigation system for the watering season (Summer). Whether you operate a commercial or residential system, our trained and certified technicians are equipped with the best tools and latest technology to get your system up and running efficiently and effectively. All of our staff have been trained through the Industrial Irrigation Association of British Columbia (IIABC) and adhere to their standards as well as the bylaws set forward by the CRD. All of our services and workmanship is fully guaranteed.

The truth of the matter is that gardens are always growing and changing as the plantings within them mature. These constant changes in the plantings’ size and foliage density require that the sprinkler heads be adjusted in height placement. This is also true with the weather. The amount of water that needs to be applied in the Spring is much less compared to the Summer.

Years ago, it was common to have a watering schedule that was constant all year. This schedule would be depicted by the amount of water that was required to sustain the property in the driest part of the year. The fact is, that the longest runtimes for the irrigation are only required for a few weeks at the peak of the system and this approach would result in much higher water bills.

We recommend with older timers which require adjustment that they be adjusted about once a month. This would prevent any oversaturation, make property maintenance easier and reduce water bills by 30 to 50% over the season.

Timers: How Does A Modern Timer Benefit Your System?

More modern timers are able to access data on the weather through the internet and will self-adjust daily. The end result is vegetation that is healthier and more resilient. Landscaping that is healthy can withstand the stresses caused by changes in Mother Nature.

It should also be stated that in the upgrading of older systems, the best value that can be made is the timer. The timer affects the entire system and provides the most impact on the health of your property and size of your water bill. This one upgrade can result in substantial savings on your water bill.

The landscaping can be equally effected by both over and under watering. Older technology distributes water by spraying the water over the landscape. To be effective and efficient the water needs to be distributed without obstruction, otherwise the results are either over or under saturated areas throughout the property.

Our goal during the Spring start up service is also to provide education to our clientele on these issues and where they present within their system. With the proper guidance and advice our clients are able to make an informed decision on what will work best for their watering needs while maintaining the lowest possible water bill.

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How Do We Invoice?

Invoicing for this service is preferred by email. This method is fast and saves trees.  If there are any questions or concerns in regard to what has been completed, suggested, or billed we invite you to bring it to our attention and we will do our best to get clarity for you. We want to take the opportunity to thank you for reading our thoughts on the Spring start up service and for the opportunity to provide your irrigation service.

What Does The Spring Start Up Service Include?

The Spring start up service includes a complete system review by activating the water supply for the irrigation and running through all zones. Our immediate intent is to repair any broken pipes or malfunctioning heads to ensure that the entire system is operable. During this service we will inspect the piping and electrical systems as well as ensure that all paperwork and testing required by the CRD are up to date.

The watering schedule for all systems vary throughout the year due to the changes in temperature and precipitation. We will set the watering schedule to comply with the CRD’s regulations with respect to watering days for turf. As the season progresses into the warmer months, the watering durations need to be extended. It is important to adjust the watering schedule for the time of year to prevent the garden from becoming accustomed to significant saturation. It is difficult and expensive to maintain this level of oversaturation in the drier months and the plants will look distressed regardless.

After the Spring start up we intend to leave your system fully functional and will provide information on the changes that can be made to improve the way it performs. We will follow up by phone or email to communicate our findings and provide pricing for any additional service that may be required or suggested by the attending technician. Any heads that are too low or ineffective will be noted and flagged. If we have the opportunity to meet with the system owner we will take the time to walk through the things that we see that are working well or need to adjusted.

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I've saved so much time my system works really well and I love the app for controlling water use.
Very satisfied with a job well done by Graeme and Kody. Highly recommend the service.
When I went looking for a company to service our new irrigation system, Graeme's Irrigation was the only company of five that even bothered to call back. Since then they have been our "Go-To" guys. Everyone has been polite, efficient and on-time.
On behalf of the team at Flintstones Masonry & Home Improvements I'd like to highly recommended Graeme's irrigation. Their expert team provides paramount professionalism, a very strong knowledge base, thorough investigations and solutions and high quality installations that last. We are pleased to say we work with Graeme's Irrigation as they are they best at what they do in Victoria!
Extremely satisfied with the job! These guys are pro on what they are doing. Service is excellent, suggestions are perfect with a reasonable price range. Definitely refer to anyone who is looking for an upgrade or fix for their home irrigation!

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