Irrigation Winterization

The Winterization service is the process of preparing your outdoor irrigation and other plumbing for cold weather. When residual water in the system freezes it expands and most piping cracks. The cost of repairs could be extensive. The objective with the Winterization is to prevent any freeze damage by removing the water from the irrigation system so that no damage is done over colder months. Our Winterization service is fully guaranteed.

At the time of the service we will complete a full system review, compile a report and inspect the system for leaks. To begin the process, we turn off the water to the irrigation and hook up to a commercial size air compressor. The air compressor is used to push the water out of the system with pressurized air. This process also allows for the opportunity to see any leaks in the heads and pipes on the system which appear as “bubbles” around the heads or from underground in the oversaturated areas around the property. These areas are then noted as service items and repaired in the Spring when the system is put back into operation. If additional items of service appear from freeze damage over the winter months, we will repair the system at no cost as per our fully guaranteed freeze warranty..

Heads, valve boxes, and points of connection for water to the irrigation system will be reviewed. The water meter will be inspected as a further diagnostic precaution to ensure no leaks exist on the irrigation system. 

Irrigation Winterization

It should be noted that we are living on Vancouver Island, and the weather can change quite quickly. We can have a mild couple of Winters and then an unexpectedly cold Winter. If you were to lose one sprinkler due to cold weather, the service call would exceed the cost of the blowout. Don’t get caught by old man winter, ready your pipes!

We are trying to be more environmentally responsible with our process of scheduling the Winterizations. This allows for us to lessen our footprint on the environment by preparing our route ahead of time in order to reduce the number of times our trucks drive across the city. We offer group rate discounts for friends and family that live in a close proximity.