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Unique and Beautiful

Water features are a beautiful way to create a one-of-a-kind space. They can be either natural or modern. Water features provide attractive visual effects and the sounds created are relaxing that benefit both body and mind. Water features can be constructed out of just about any material and can be built in several different styles or size. We specialize in custom water features tailored to your liking, and we will build it based on your design and within your budget. We provide a free consultation, and you are not required to sign any contract. We focus on providing quality work and provide a very competitive price.

Our common practice is to meet with you to review the space you have available and discuss options about the type of feature you want to install. We will also take pictures of your space to help us design your water feature. We can provide you with a portfolio of different water features that fit the size of your space and provide you with a variety of themes to consider. We encourage you to share any pictures or designs you have seen that you like. Water features are a piece of art that can transform any garden into an oasis. The artistic ability of our installers is unsurpassed, and we have the portfolio to demonstrate our capabilities.

Available Options

When considering a water feature, there are many things to consider:

  • Do you want fish? If you do want fish, you must have filtration.
  • Do you want a waterfall?
  • Do you want a natural look? We could use stone to provide this effect.
  • Do you want a more modern look?
  • Is additional landscaping required? (this includes soil and plants)
  • Is there going to be any illumination of the feature for night-time effects?
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Choices, at your fingertips

Process of Installation:

Preparation Stage

The process of installing a water feature begins with the lay-out. We will mark out the dimensions and shape of the feature. After reviewing with you and your approval is granted, we will begin with the excavation. For smaller features this is all done by hand. If the project is bigger, we will bring in all appropriate equipment required. Upon completion of the excavation, we begin to build the structure of your water feature. Screenings and brick work are done to provide your feature with structural integrity. Then cloth is laid down to provide a soft liner to preserve the pond liner.

Construction Stage

Once the structure and share have been created, we begin to build the finished product with your chosen materials. This can include wood, concrete, brick or stone, as some of the many possibilities available to chose from. Next, we install the electrical system for the pump and filtration. If lights are included in your feature, they will be installed at this stage. There will be adjustments based on your input through the installation and construction process. We hope to have you involved as your water feature takes shape. This is our way of ensuring your feature is built to your desire and liking.


At this point, we are approaching the finish line and we bring in any additional soils and plants as required. All plantings, accent stones or other decorations are then placed. The final steps of construction are completed, and clean-up begins. At this time, we will drain the water feature, clean the water feature, and refill it. We will make any adjustments that are required.

Lets Get Started!

We do find the creation of each water feature unique and rewarding. You will find that the water feature will transform your space into a relaxing and beautiful place to spend your time, day or night. We do invite you to provide any feedback about your experience (either positive or not) as this is how we continue to grow and improve our process.

We look forward to installing a unique and tailored water feature for you. Please call us at (250) 294-9787 for your free consultation.

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I've saved so much time my system works really well and I love the app for controlling water use.
Very satisfied with a job well done by Graeme and Kody. Highly recommend the service.
When I went looking for a company to service our new irrigation system, Graeme's Irrigation was the only company of five that even bothered to call back. Since then they have been our "Go-To" guys. Everyone has been polite, efficient and on-time.
On behalf of the team at Flintstones Masonry & Home Improvements I'd like to highly recommended Graeme's irrigation. Their expert team provides paramount professionalism, a very strong knowledge base, thorough investigations and solutions and high quality installations that last. We are pleased to say we work with Graeme's Irrigation as they are they best at what they do in Victoria!
Extremely satisfied with the job! These guys are pro on what they are doing. Service is excellent, suggestions are perfect with a reasonable price range. Definitely refer to anyone who is looking for an upgrade or fix for their home irrigation!

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